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Our Company located around 30 Km far from Oporto and well integrated in one of the biggest Portuguese shoe production centers, S. João da Madeira, has in spite of its recent creation, allied innovation and youth with experience and know-how from our technical and administrative staff, as a result of their previous experiences in this production sector. Besides, this experience brings our company- targeted into the future- a well-cemented knowledge, either in what concerns technical production aspects, as well as in logistics, expedition, customer service and shipments.

In the shoe Components Industry area, we essentially produce welts for shoes produced in several raw-materials such as leather board, rubber, PVC and TR, but mainly - and daring to seem pretentious - it is in leather welts production (including GOODYEAR Welts type) that we mainly achieve distinction in what concerns our production quality standard as well in our capacity to meet our customers very particular and specific requirements. Besides, our production is also extended to heel covers, made in leather, neolith and EVA.

We are already well represented in the national market. So, seizing our good plant structure means, staff and excellent geographic placement (in the centre of an important shoe production area) concerning proximity of sea and air loading port and airport and customs facilities we decided it is now the right time to start (for some of us to re-start) exporting our products and services.

Our products shown in our website could eventually, better than our words, give you a more concrete idea of what we are able indeed to produce, no matter the required material or shape, but our constant following-up and support as well as our continuous update search allow us also to be well updated regarding this sector's new trends, without forgetting our production tradition of quality and refinement.

We have all the mechanic and technical means not only for significant quantities production, but also for a more selective production in what concerns distinction details according to each customer's needs and very specific requirements.

It is mainly for customer satisfaction that we are working day by day, considering all of them and each one in particular. We follow our welts production from their conception, sample trials and production, always looking for an excellent final result for our product but mainly for it to perfectly fit and match customer final product no matter its products range level.

We stand for our customer no matter his dimension because for us all customers are important in their own differences. We assure them a direct back up and a constant following up of each order from arrival until goods expedition and shipment, keeping the customer well informed about E.T.D, shipping details, allowing our customer their own safe and well scheduled production planning.

We invite all the eventual interested ones to visit our website to have an idea of our products. We also suggest a visit to our catalogue and to our latest developments that are the result of our direct work with several customers.

We hope to hear from you very soon, waiting for your visit and contact. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any further assistance and/or information from us.